The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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Demonstration Video 1: Shows how clippings are contained within several inches of the deck. The Director OCDC is not a mulch kit. It is designed to control how your clippings are disbursed. The flap does allow clippings to escape in order to keep them from building up under the deck.

The Director OCDC Demo 1 video

Demonstration Video 2: Shows general operation and how easily positions can be changed. This allows the operator to mow with increased control over how debris is discharged, keeping clippings away from mulch beds, sidewalks and driveways, as well as increasing safety around people and cars.

The Director OCDC Demo 2 video

Driveway Video: Shows removal of clippings by using the Director as a blower. When the Director is in the partially open position it creates enough velocity to blow the clippings from driveways and sidewalks.

The Director OCDC Driveway video

Control Handle Operation: Demonstrates how the Director's various positions are selected.

The Director OCDC Control Handle video
The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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