The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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The Director OCDC puts you in control. With a flick of the wrist the Director OCDC can quickly go from the wide-open position to the closed position, increasing safety around people and cars, as well as making it very versatile around flower and shrubbery beds.

The Director OCDC The Director OCDC The Director OCDC The Director OCDC

The Director flap is easily removed without tools and the upright does not interfere with the use of your vacuum. With 3/8" thick steel construction on the upright and a 3/16" steel flap the Director is built to withstand years of daily use. All fabricated steel parts are powder coated semi-gloss black.

The Director OCDC offers many benefits including:

* Grass Blocker
* Complete Control of Grass Discharge
* Designed for eXmark Riding Mowers

The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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