The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC The Director OCDC The Director OCDC
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Welcome to The Official Website of The Original Director OCDC Chute

Don't just remove your factory discharge chute. Replace it with the safe, efficient alternative preferred by professionals since 2000.

The Director OCDC is a commercial lawn mower accessory, currently available for eXmark riding mowers, which controls the discharge of grass clippings. The OCDC discharge chute has many uses including:

* Controls the discharge of grass clippings
* Can be used as a grass blocker

This operator controlled discharge chute is rugged, simple and easy to use. It increases safety while significantly reducing your mowing time.

The Director OCDC is less expensive and more durable than other similar devices, including powered models.

The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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The Director OCDC
The Director OCDC
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